Our Process

This is the first, and most important step in our process.   It is important to us that the customer be compfortable with our knowledg of Cerakote™ refinishing, so that we can have complete success in finishing their project exactly as they expected.   We also make sure that if the customer has any questions regarding Cerakote™, that we address them properly, and to the their satisfaction.   Being that we hold an FFL, we make sure that their project will be safe with us.   And we also explain our shipping ( legal ) policies, turn around times, etc.

At this point the customer is ready to go forward with the project.   Now is when we finalize all the details of the project.   Once we have decided on the details of the project.   Cerakote© colors, patterns, turnaround time, pricing, etc.   We will then put all that information on a invoice for the customer to view.   If the customer is not local, it will be sent to them via e-mail.   We then get a 50% deposit at the time the project is dropped off.   If the project is being sent.   The deposit will be paid prior to shipping, or sent with project.

Now that we have finalized all that is needed, and received the project, we will start the actual Cerakote™ project.   At this point, the first thing I do is thoroughly go over the project that was sent in. Check for function, missing or broken parts. If any are found, we will then notify the customer to se what they want to do about the issues.   By this time in the project, the project is completely disassembled, and ready for degreasing.   Now the parts will be degreaseing solution for 1 hour.   This will remove all residual oils, and greases from the project.

After parts to be coated have been removed from the degreasing tank, and allowed to dry, they are now ready for grit blasting.   Once the grit blasting is completed, the parts are removed from the blasting cabinet.   Blasting residue is cleaned, then racked for off gassing in the oven.   The parts are off gassed in the oven for 1 hour.   Once offgassing is complete, the parts will be removed from the oven and inspected.   If a part still show residual oils, the degreasing process is repeated.   If all parts pass inspection, now to the final step.

Now to the spraying. All the parts are removed from the oven and moved to the spray booth.   Now we spray the parts to be coated, and place them in the oven for curing.   Metal parts are cured at 250° for 2 hours.   If they are composite parts they will be cured at 170° for two housrs.   If the project requires mulitple coats, each color will be flash cured for 15 minutes, after the parts have cooled, the next color will be apllied.   Once the last coat is applied, then parts will go in the oven for final cure.

Now that all the parts are cured, they will get a final inspection.   If all parts pass final inspection, the project will be reassembled.   All functions will be tested, test fired if necessary.   Now we take photos, and send them to the customer for final approval.   If we get fianl approval, then the project is returned to the customer, and we move on to the next project.

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